Friday, July 4, 2008

Thing # 18

The first thing that I Front Page for web design...but everything else is here in Open Office. The biggest advantage to Open Office is it is FREE but you do need Internet access to use it. Most of us have MS Applications on our work computers but Open Office would be an alternative if MS is too costly to provide at home. Google Docs is similar but doesn't have as many features as Open Office. I looked over all of the possibilities-spreadsheets, docs, presentations and Open Office looks great. I decided to wait before setting a password and downloading Open Docs...I'm going to think about it a few nights.
Just a thought! I might not even need to carry around my flash drive for saving files after I've completed the 23 Things.

A couple of weeks ago I attended a day long TechNet by Region XI. I went to a couple of sessions on Google docs. The biggest plus with Google docs is the sharing aspect of it all. When collaborating with a group of people and working on the same project, you all have access to the document for revisions. In the past when "e-mailing the document around" the revision process got "lost in the shuffle".

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VWB said...

you realize there is no "Front Page" anymore! MS quit producing it a couple of years ago...if you have a computer with a working copy you are lucky! it can not be purchased anymore!

it has been a hard thing for us to accept! but wikis and other open source things are allowing us to continue to have a web presence!